Brad Dewar

Brad Dewar

Veteran church planters Brad & Wendy Dewar combine apostolic and prophetic anointings together with over twenty-five years of ministry experience to produce dramatic results wherever they go. They have planted twelve churches across Canada and coached many others. As Executive Director of Church Planting for VCI they provide counsel and advice to pastors and churches across the nation. Their fresh approach to the Word of God and fluent ministry in the gifts of the Holy Spirit touches lives and sets people free in Christ.

We would need a lot fewer miracles of healing if we would just live a healthier lifestyle in the first place.

We don’t belt out ‘Joy To The World’ because we’re so excited about a slightly improved lifestyle! It’s not just because we just love singing the same old songs every year. And it’s not because we’re just pumped about lights and trees and presents!

This time of year many people start to think about making changes in their life. Perhaps lose a little weight. Or quit smoking.

A new year means a new beginning – a chance to start over and hopefully get it right this time.

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Commodity? Yes.

People love routine. We buy the same kind of clothes. Get the same hairstyles. And take the same route to work every day. Routines.

Here’s a simple four point strategy for growing your church based on the word ACTS.

Changing your world starts with the ‘What‘. It asks the question: “What will you do to change your world?”

Life is all about choices. We make thousands of them every day. Admittedly many are what you could call ‘default’ choices.

I was a high-school shrimp. It wasn’t until I reached grade 12 that I finally passed five feet in height and attained my current six foot plus stature.

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