Brad Dewar

Brad Dewar

Veteran church planters Brad & Wendy Dewar combine apostolic and prophetic anointings together with over twenty-five years of ministry experience to produce dramatic results wherever they go. They have planted twelve churches across Canada and coached many others. As Executive Director of Church Planting for VCI they provide counsel and advice to pastors and churches across the nation. Their fresh approach to the Word of God and fluent ministry in the gifts of the Holy Spirit touches lives and sets people free in Christ.

Jesus was a man of prayer from the river to the garden.

Somebody once said that those who excel at making excuses are rarely good at anything else.

In the age of the kings, the prophet of God was highly respected by everyone from the lowest farmer to the royal courts.

It is a wonderful truth that God desires to promote us. Indeed, he has much bigger things in mind for everyone of us then we are have ever dreamed!

Most people don’t think of themselves as leaders. But in some way almost everyone leads someone.

Everybody has a dream, their ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ place. But not everyone knows how to get there.

You will be glad to know that when stock market plummeted recently the price of wisdom was not affected.

“But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.” - Matt 7:26

The Bible is God’s word, faithfully recorded for the benefit of all humanity. Think about it.

If money is an obstacle to your dream, then you simply have to find a way around that obstacle.

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