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    Welcome to my personal blog, where I put my thoughts and ideas out there for the world to read.
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  • His Invisible Attributes

    2021-12-22 16:52:37
    It is a strange thing that in a world which was hand-made by God, many refuse to believe that he exists. Christians are often challenged by others to give some proof of God’s existence. Well, how do you prove the existence of something that is scientifically undetectable by any of our senses?
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  • Behind The Bloodstained Door

    2021-03-26 16:39:14
    Egypt, in the time of Moses, was a hard place. As a people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived under a dark cloud of systemic racism and state-sanctioned oppression. Being sneered at, discriminated against, and put to forced labour was an everyday reality. It was bad times in Cairo...
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  • Finding The Courage

    2020-10-29 16:16:08
    Early one morning in April 2003, Aron Ralston, an experienced climber from Aspen Colorado, headed off to do some solo climbing in a remote corner of Utah's Canyonland National Park.
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  • Faces In The Crowd

    2020-04-07 22:13:35
    It is Easter weekend. A crowd is gathered around three crosses erected on a low hill just outside of Jerusalem. We can see the faces in the crowd…    
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  • Filters

    2020-03-10 14:08:38
     We are all being swept along by a vast Niagara of information that we seem powerless to resist. Those who try to raise a voice of reason are simply drowned out by the roar of the falls.
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  • Think For Yourself

    2020-02-19 21:25:50
    With so much easily available information at our fingertips, we tend to get lazy and stop questioning, filtering, and evaluating that information for ourselves. Soon we are nothing more than a random collection of ephemeral ideas...
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  • Stick To The Code

    2020-01-03 18:33:34
    Everybody needs a code they can live by - a set of principles direct them; a few proven truths to point the way; an anchor or two to hold them fast in the storm...             
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  • Same Old Same Old?

    2018-01-02 19:12:47
     First work day of a new year. I know it sounds strange, but I have to admit I feel a wee bit of relief! Now before you...
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  • Getting The Axe

    2017-11-14 22:50:14
    One of the things that undermines effective leadership is the unwillingness to deal with chronic problems.
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  • How Do You Know?

    2017-06-27 19:12:58
    Maybe you feel like nobody cares and you don’t matter. But how do you know...
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