Brad Dewar

Brad Dewar

Veteran church planters Brad & Wendy Dewar combine apostolic and prophetic anointings together with over twenty-five years of ministry experience to produce dramatic results wherever they go. They have planted twelve churches across Canada and coached many others. As Executive Director of Church Planting for VCI they provide counsel and advice to pastors and churches across the nation. Their fresh approach to the Word of God and fluent ministry in the gifts of the Holy Spirit touches lives and sets people free in Christ.

It’s easy to see that wisdom is a good thing. The wasted time, the squandered finances, the missed opportunities, the damaged relationships, the broken hearts – that could have all been avoided with a little wisdom!

Whether you are a leader or a follower, or a little of both – you can’t afford to let certain things take root in your heart.

Making the most of our opportunities in life will always involve keying in on purposes and priorities, and developing a workable game plan.

Ever wish that you had a little more time? Or more energy to get things done? Maybe more ability? Or how about more money? Of course you have!

“Be fruitful and multiply…” They were the very first words that God spoke to Adam and Eve.

In the process of planting twelve churches my wife and I have had to face some serious risks: the possibility of failure, career path reversal, financial loss, and a host of others.

Whether your objective is financial, artistic, or spiritual – anything worth having will entail some struggle, sacrifice, and effort in order to achieve. In fact, that’s what makes it worth having in the first place.

Storms come and go in everyone’s life. We can’t choose when they come, how bad they are, or how long they last. All we can do is be prepared.

Some days it seems as if life is just one long unending succession of problems waiting in line for your attention! It is certainly tempting to just cut and run!




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