Thinking out Loud

Thinking out Loud (8)

Tuesday - Mar 10, 2020


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 We are all being swept along by a vast Niagara of information that we seem powerless to resist. Those who try to raise a voice of reason are simply drowned out by the roar of the falls.

Wednesday - Feb 19, 2020

Think For Yourself

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With so much easily available information at our fingertips, we tend to get lazy and stop questioning, filtering, and evaluating that information for ourselves. Soon we are nothing more than a random collection of ephemeral ideas...

Friday - Jan 3, 2020

Stick To The Code

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Everybody needs a code they can live by - a set of principles direct them; a few proven truths to point the way; an anchor or two to hold them fast in the storm...




Friday - Jun 23, 2017


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Is more tolerance the answer for our morally fractured society? 

Thursday - Jan 14, 2016

Christians & Politics Pt 1

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I used to have an old CB radio that featured a “Squelch” button...

Sunday - Jan 3, 2016


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In a way, everyone in the world is a latent radical.

Friday - Nov 20, 2015

Whose Report Will You Believe?

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The news media of our day have become little more than mercenaries in a global proganda war.

Sunday - Dec 21, 2014

Saved? From what, exactly?

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We don’t belt out ‘Joy To The World’ because we’re so excited about a slightly improved lifestyle! It’s not just because we just love singing the same old songs every year. And it’s not because we’re just pumped about lights and trees and presents!