Wednesday - Dec 22, 2021

His Invisible Attributes

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It is a strange thing that in a world which was hand-made by God, many refuse to believe that he exists. Christians are often challenged by others to give some proof of God’s existence. Well, how do you prove the existence of something that is scientifically undetectable by any of our senses?

Friday - Mar 26, 2021

Behind The Bloodstained Door

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Egypt, in the time of Moses, was a hard place. As a people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived under a dark cloud of systemic racism and state-sanctioned oppression. Being sneered at, discriminated against, and put to forced labour was an everyday reality. It was bad times in Cairo...

Saturday - Aug 22, 2015

Lead Yourself First

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"Be unto others as you would have them be unto others."

Tuesday - Oct 25, 2011

Pioneering in the Blood

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My grandfather was a real pioneer. Along with his father and brothers, he moved out to the plains of west-central Saskatchewan in 1905. They took the train to Coleville, then loaded everything they owned in a horse-drawn wagon and rumbled another 40 odd miles out across the empty prairie grasslands until they reached their legal homestead.

Sunday - Jan 1, 2012

It’s a New Year

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Well, here we are. If you’re reading this, you have survived 2011 to watch the sun come up on a brand new year. Congratulations!

Monday - Jan 23, 2012


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The Bible isn’t too kind to half-hearted people. Hot is great. Cold is bad. But lukewarm?

Tuesday - Feb 7, 2012


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One of the clearest, simplest statements about leadership that I’ve ever heard is from Dr George Hill: “People don’t follow a vision – they follow a credible leader with a vision.”

Thursday - Mar 1, 2012

Plan B

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If there was a way to compile the statistics I would be willing to bet that most of the stuff that actually gets accomplished in this world probably happens on Plan B – not Plan A.

Friday - Mar 9, 2012

Five Fold Focus

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Saturday - Mar 10, 2012

VCI 101

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