• Bradley T. Dewar

    Welcome to my personal blog, where I put my thoughts and ideas out there for the world to read.
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  • Behind The Bloodstained Door

    2021-03-26 16:39:14
    Egypt, in the time of Moses, was a hard place. As a people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived under a dark cloud of systemic racism and state-sanctioned oppression. Being sneered at, discriminated against, and put to forced labour was an everyday reality. It was bad times in Cairo...
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  • Finding The Courage

    2020-10-29 16:16:08
    Early one morning in April 2003, Aron Ralston, an experienced climber from Aspen Colorado, headed off to do some solo climbing in a remote corner of Utah's Canyonland National Park.
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  • Faces In The Crowd

    2020-04-07 22:13:35
    It is Easter weekend. A crowd is gathered around three crosses erected on a low hill just outside of Jerusalem. We can see the faces in the crowd…    
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  • Filters

    2020-03-10 14:08:38
     We are all being swept along by a vast Niagara of information that we seem powerless to resist. Those who try to raise a voice of reason are simply drowned out by the roar of the falls.
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  • Think For Yourself

    2020-02-19 21:25:50
    With so much easily available information at our fingertips, we tend to get lazy and stop questioning, filtering, and evaluating that information for ourselves. Soon we are nothing more than a random collection of ephemeral ideas...
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  • Stick To The Code

    2020-01-03 18:33:34
    Everybody needs a code they can live by - a set of principles direct them; a few proven truths to point the way; an anchor or two to hold them fast in the storm...             
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  • Same Old Same Old?

    2018-01-02 19:12:47
     First work day of a new year. I know it sounds strange, but I have to admit I feel a wee bit of relief! Now before you...
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  • Getting The Axe

    2017-11-14 22:50:14
    One of the things that undermines effective leadership is the unwillingness to deal with chronic problems.
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  • How Do You Know?

    2017-06-27 19:12:58
    Maybe you feel like nobody cares and you don’t matter. But how do you know...
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  • Is more tolerance the answer for our morally fractured society? 
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